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Hunt the Onions – Darksearch – Tool of the week

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Darksearch Tool helps to hunt the onion domains over Deepweb.

It is always interesting – our brain was attracted towards  the object are in forbidden or in Hidden. There is lot of things in real world , that are hidden to normal human eyes and it can be revelt with the help of science and Technology like microbes. But in virtual world? Yep, there is also a hidden world is active under the same internet, what we are using.
Onion Webs – These are the things that are specifically hidden from normal users.
Darksearch – The project name explains what it is. Darksearch project allows certain users to search the Deepweb to find the onion address’s. Mostly onions have web onions,IRc-chat, Gaming chat rooms, blackhat-fourms. It is differ from other web search engines, it has a special API in phython to perform relevant search queries to the servers
Download the Tool from Git
Developers of all levels can send a GET request to our server for completely unique data.
GET http://darksearch.com/api/spies/1

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