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Here is How to Install and Run Kali Linux In VirtualBox 2017

Kali Linux is the favorite OS for pentesters but it is not exactly for everyday use. Kali Linux can be overwhelming for daily use and for everyday browsing, Windows and Linux distro like Ubuntu are very famous. So, to use Kali Linux when needed is the choice we have. This can be done in 2 ways, by running Kali Linux in VirtualBox or by dual booting Kali with your choice of OS.

Here is How to Install and Run Kali Linux In VirtualBox

In this tutorial we will see how you can run Kali Linux in VirtualBox. I am using VirtualBox version 5.0.20, you can use any version and the steps should be same. You can get the predefined VirtualBox image here. That looks as shown below:
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-1
Just  download the  first image from above. Once the download is finished, extract it’s contents just as shown below.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-2
After extraction, you will get a OVA file as shown below.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-3
Now you open VirtualBox and select  File>Import Appliance as shown in the image below.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-4
A window like the one below will open. Select the “Expert mode”.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-5
The window will change to the one below. Now you have to browse to the location of the OVA file as shown in image below. You can change settings of the virtual machine like location, name, RAM etc as as for your choice below. Once the configuration is over, select on Import.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-6
Once you select import, the importing process starts. It takes some time, but it’s worth the wait.
After import has completed, a new virtual machine will be automatically created as shown below.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-17
Now, Power on the machine. Just as the virtual machine powers up, a prompt for username and password appears. The default username is “root” and the password is “toor”.
run Kali linux in VirtualBox-17
That’s it, you are done. Congrats on installing and running Kali Linux on VirtualBox. HACK ON!!

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