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Hack Facebook account using Anomor Method 2017 By Abdullah Hacker

Hello guys I am Abdullah Hacker and I hope u are all fine. Today I discuss you a avery common and interseting ArticlHow to hack Facebook account you know peoples take most interset to hack  the friend's, girlfriend and other one I'D and wanted get the private messages and secret Information.

I suggest to Hack FB acount using Anomor trick because this trick is very simple and easiest  to hack the victim acoount.
So lets go to http://anomor.com/

Using Anomor has many Steps

Follow these steps and hack the victim acount
  • Make a anomor account
when you completed to make your account then 
  • Login your account in anomor.
  • Anomor show  many links  copy Link URL .SO U have To Only Send This Links To Vicitm And Ask Him To Login. 

when victim login his id email and pass will send u on My victim option        


So open the victim i'd and change the pass know enjoying the victim Id
Type Phising And Many People Are Not Know About This.

You Know? it's All For You...Because crackinghackingtips


This is only for educational purposes. I am not responsible for anay difficulty if you got caught.

Written By AbdullahHacker

Source: Crackinghackingtips

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