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Dangers of Public Wi-Fi 2017

Public Wi-Fi Public Wi-Fi is used across the globe by millions and millions of people to get online and access their social, email, banking and other accounts.
It's no doubt that public Wi-Fi is a convenient source to go online and browse the web; however, the open nature of the network attracts snoopers and hackers – compromising the integrity of the network itself and the devices connected to it.
Security experts have repeatedly advised not to access sensitive information online such as your banking details via public Wi-Fi hotspots. But that begs the question: Banking services are already secured since they are encrypted, aren’t they?
The answer is yes; however, keep in mind that only the banks' servers are encrypted and not the Wi-Fi platform itself. This makes your entire communication with the bank vulnerable to getting hacked and being monitored.

Free internet access comes with a price

While restaurants and cafes promote their services by mentioning they have Free Wi-Fi for their customers, they don't specify the dangers of public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi hotspots allow cybercriminals to track your online movements, steal your sensitive information, such as banking details, etc.

The Age of Wi-Fi and Vulnerabilities

Wi-Fi is an unsecured technology that is heavily prone to attacks. Since signals and radio waves transmit the connection, it allows for snoopers to eavesdrop on your information without you ever finding out about it. The openness of the public Wi-Fi makes it insecure.
Wi-Fi Hacked
An unsecured Wi-Fi network is essentially a network connection that does not require login credentials to use the connection or whose login credentials are served to everyone without any discrimination. This leaves the following information at the risk of being exposed and abused:
  • Your virtual location
  • Your IP address
  • Your online web history
  • Your sensitive personal information such as bank credentials, social accounts, passwords, etc.
  • Files you download and send online
With that being said, a VPN becomes a necessity when it comes to protecting your most valued information when accessing it through a public Wi-Fi. A VPN is a network that is used on both public and private networks to strengthen the network against cybercriminals who have increasingly become a constant threat.

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