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How To Get Android Notifications Directly On Your PC By Abdullah Hacker

This method is extremely straightforward and simplistic and requires just 3-4 minutes to setup between both your Android and computer. Just follow the simple steps discussed hereinafter to get all Android Notifications On Your PC.

Setting Up Pc To Get Android Notifications On Your PC

Step 1. Open Google Chrome browser on your PC. Search for Desktop notification from the Chrome market 
Step 2. Now click on Add To Chrome button which is located on the top of the Chrome store. The extension will start downloading and then finally get added to your Chrome.

Step 3. Now click on desktop notification sign at the right top corner(a blue chat message sign). Now sign in with google account and enter your email id and password on the login page there.
That’s it! now your Pc work is done and you have successfully added an extension in your browser.

Setting Up Android To Get Android Notifications On Your PC

Step 1. Download and install the app Desktop notification on your Android device from Google Play store.
Step 2. Open the app and enable desktop notification of your Android guided by your app. Now sign it with the same Google account that you have entered in your PC.

Step 3. Now your mobile will get fully connected with your PC and you can get all the notifications there.

#2 Using Pushbullet

Step 1. First of all, you need to download Pushbullet app on your Android device.

Using Pushbullet

Step 2. Now you need to sign in with your Google account to continue.

Using Pushbullet

Step 3. Now you will see the option to enable “See your phone’s notifications on your computer” simply tap on “Enable” and grant all the required permissions

Using Pushbullet

Step 4. Now you need to install Google Chrome Pushbullet extension on your  Google Chrome

Using Pushbullet

Step 5. Now you need to sign up with the same Google account that you used on your Android device and simply grant all the required permissions.

Using Pushbullet

Step 6. Now you will get to see the screen like below on your computer.

Using Pushbullet

Now whenever you will get calls, SMS or any other app notifications on your Android phone, you will get to see on your computer.

Using Pushbullet

So above is the method for How To Get Android Notifications On Your PCBy this process, you will get all the notification of your Android in your browser, either it is of any missed call, message or any app notification. Now you can easily use your computer without holding anxiety to miss out any significant notification of your Android. As you will be receiving all those on your browser screen. Don’t forget to share this cool post. Leave a comment below if you are facing any trouble at any step discussed in above method.

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