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Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2017 That You Should Not Miss Them!

Hello Guys! How are you today? I hope you will be fine. Today, i am going to share something different.That is, Best Android Apps of 2017. I suggest you to read the article till end if you like my work.
Nowadays, android have overcome Symbian and Windows mobiles. Calculations said that after a couple of years, Android will overcome Apple and Windows. About 90% users uses Android smartphones rather than Apple and Symbians.

1-All Social Network:

    The app called All Social Network, contains all the social networks in a single app. This is more reliable than other app because you just need to single click on any icon like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This app is free of cost. Everyone can download easily this app. Download link is given below.

                                        Download Now

2-Background Floating Tube:

  Now, you can watch your youtube videos in the background free of cost. This app helps you to watch quickly youtube videos in the background of mobile. Everyone should download and use this great app. This will don't waste your time really.

                                       Download Now


 This app is designed to transform your face Artificial Intelligence. By using this, only in single step. You can add beautiful smile, get younger or older, become more attractive,change gender easily in photos. This is best app ever for such stuff.

                                     Download Now

4-Empty Folder Cleaner: 

 This app is designed to clean empty folders in android smartphones easily. This app can save your space in the Android Phone. This is the best cleaner for empty and unnecessary folders that are lying in your phone and eating your phone's space.

                                       Download Now


 By using this app,you can easily download HD videos, music from Youtube, Instagram, DailyMotion and other video sites. This is the best app for downloading high quality videos, music rather than any other apps that are lying in the app market. I suggest you to download this and take advantage of this great app.

                                       Download Now

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