kali linux
Why Hackers Love Linux based tools……… the answer is very simple.
Majority of the Hacking tools and applications are based on Linux platform. Even the well-known Swiss Army Knives applications are based on Linux such as Kali. That’s why Linux is called as Hackers paradise.
Linux project is developed and announced in 1991 August by Linus Torvalds. From that time of the announcement, Linux OS got a respectable, not only in the Open Source World but also in the other OS where those are struggling to provide reliable and security on theirs which found on Linux at the personal and enterprise level.

Here are some reasons why Linux is famous among other OS for Hackers.

  1. Its Free: –
 Yes, it’s absolutely free of charge.
  1. Security:-
It’s more secure. You don’t need any Antivirus application. Its hassle free and you can         run and check any application freely. No need pay additional attention to Security and   programs.
  1. User friendly:-
 Yes. But sometimes the sounds like a different way.  But if you got familiar with Linux           Base you will feel different.
  1. Open Source Software (OSS):-
 As an Open Source plat form any one can use easily, moreover, it is easy to use, stable,        secure and versatile. That’s why this is special
  1. Versatile:-
In Linux, you can design and develop your own and flexible. These facilities help the             Hackers to customize and develop the tools according to their need. This is a unique           feature why hackers like this OS much.
  1. Compatibility:-
While upgrading the versions in the other OS those additional software, Hardware also           need up gradation. But in the Linux, you don’t need to worry about those.
  1. Repository:-
You don’t find these facilities on the other OS. No need to buy any paid versions. You will       get all the compatible software from the store call Repository and all the updates will         automatically do form this facility.
  1. Updates:-
No need to wait a long for updates. Time to time the update will available and other important thing is no need of restart after the installation of the updates. As a result of this not to worry about temporary or insecure pates or fix,
  1. Drivers:-
No need hunt for drives. All are already included in the OS itself. It’s more like plug and play.
  1. Community Support:-
Linux has a big community and will get a support easily. You will feel comfort and not alone. Any kind of problem the community will support to solve it.