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How To Install Every Window 7/8 With USB Easy Method 2017

Installing window 7/8 etc with USB is not a easy task. This method is great when you don't have CD of Windows or your laptop's CD room is not working or out of order.  You can install window with USB when your small laptop does not support CD room. There are lot of Softwares that offers to make USB bootable but most of them not working or they need license key. They are Rufus, WinToBootic, RMPrepUSB, Universal USB Installer, YUMI, UNetbootin, WinSetUp From USB etc.

Things You Need:

1- USB Flash Drive of atleast 8GB or Above.
2- Setup of Windows 7/8/9/10, every window you want to make boot and install it on you pc.
3- Software to make USB Bootable.

Setup Of Window:

You can easily download the setup of every Window from these torrent links:
Window 7:  Download Now!
Window 8:  Download Now!
Window 10:Download Now!

Software To Make Boot:

I will give the software that is not free but i am going to give it to you free of cost with license key. This is the software called WintoFlash Novicrop Profesional with license key. The price of license key is about $100. First of all you need to download this software and install this according to instructions given in the notepad file when you download this software.  Torrent link is given below.

Download WinToFlash Novicrop With License Key 2017:

 Important Note:

 Download and install the WinToFlash Novicrop Professional and activate license key according to instructions carefully. Instructions are given in the Notepad file when you download the software.

Steps To Make USB Bootable:

1- Open Wintoflash Novicrop and click more singleboot.
2- Select the option of window 7/vista/8 as shown.

3- Select the path of your windows 7/8/10 as shown shot.

4- Click Ok and then on run. Make sure that your USB is fully formatted
5- Wait till boot is complete. You are done. Enjoy!
 Like it? Or have some questions or problem in tutorial? Comment below without hesitating.

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